Community partnerships

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s 18 communities are active in supporting the arts in the greater community as well. Through providing transportation to instructional opportunities off-campus, inviting the community in to view art exhibits and sharing what they’ve learned about how art enhances life, PMMA communities are helping seniors live “the way you want to live.”

Art Partners

Four married couples were among the winners in this year's Art is Ageless competition at Wichita Presbyterian Manor. We are impressed that art is a shared passion for so many couples! Find out a little more about these talented partners.

Nancy and Henry “Skip” Kreibach

Nancy and Henry “Skip” Kreibach pose with their winning pieces of art.

Nancy has been quilting for at least 30 years and sewing most of her life, but Skip didn't pick up a paintbrush until 2004, when he took an oil painting class at the college where he taught. Now, their basement is a shared art studio and sewing room. They often consult one another on choices from fabric colors to composition. Read More

Middle School Students Bring Music and Memory to Life

Middle School Students Bring Music and Memory to Life

Kirkwood Middle School students, accompanied by Literacy Coach Karen Ambuehl, recently visited Aberdeen Heights to interview our residents about the kind of music they like to listen to. The students had recently seen the documentary "Alive Inside," about "music’s capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity." It is a story about Music & Memory founder Dan Cohen and his efforts to "demonstrate music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those suffering from it."

"Our kids benefited immensely from learning how to have a good old-fashioned visit. We prepared the students with a questionnaire that gave them questions or talking points when talking with the residents of Aberdeen Heights. More than anything, we stressed that they needed just to be present and have a conversation," said Karen. "Kindness counts more than getting answers to all the questions. I loved watching how the students gently jumped right in and began having conversations. The residents were equally glad to have a captive audience! I am hopeful that we can go back to Aberdeen Heights next year to actually see the residents using the iPods and personalized music."

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Salina Presbyterian Manor residents participate in community painting classes

Several residents of Salina Presbyterian Manor and frequent Art is Ageless® competitors participate in a painting class offered through the Salina Senior Center, just one of the many community partnerships that benefit Art is Ageless in Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America communities.

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University of Kansas partners with Lawrence Presbyterian Manor

Through its proximity to the University of Kansas, residents at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor often work with KU students to create works of art.Through its proximity to the University of Kansas, residents at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor often work with KU students to create works of art. Over spring break, students visit the Lawrence campus and work with residents of Wheatlands Health Care Center.

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Arkansas City Manor hosts traveling art exhibit

Neva Bahruth and Jeanne Baird view the Alzheimer’s Association traveling art exhibit.The Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association Central and Western Kansas Chapter to display a traveling exhibit, consisting of artwork created by those in the early stages of dementia through the JW and Reola Stark Arts & Inspiration Center. The exhibit was on display at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor through April 10, 2014.

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Newton Manor residents partner with fire department

Newton Presbyterian Manor residents created dozens of stuffed animals for first responders to share with children they encounter while answering emergency calls. The hope is that the stuffed animals will help calm and comfort children in crisis situations.

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Manor of the Plains quilters aide those in need

At Manor of the Plains in Dodge City, Kan., the Happy Quilters have been making quilts and lap blankets for various charities since 2005. Their first project was 20 quilts for the Council of Indian Nations in Phoenix, Ariz. Other recipients include survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the Greensburg, Kan., tornado, and house fires in Dodge City.

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